Cisco Investments presents Magnetic Cloud

Cisco Investments presents Magnetic Cloud

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Cisco and the Cloudscape

Over the last decade, Cisco has been one of the leading players in the cloud space, developing an extensive product base that’s become the backbone of numerous customers’ hybrid cloud infrastructure. During the same time, Cisco has invested in or acquired more than a dozen companies in this space.

Impact of a Transition to Microservices

Yet, a major change is currently underway in the industry. Cloud infrastructure has provided software engineers and DevOps teams the tools needed to transition towards a microservices-based architecture. This new architecture is being rapidly adopted and changes everything from the way teams manage their infrastructure to how they deploy applications.

We are only at the beginning of this trend as many customers still struggle to migrate their infrastructure and applications – leading to new challenges and a plethora of new opportunities.

Magnetic Cloud Event:  Insights and Trends

That’s why on September 15th, 2021 (10 – 11:45 am PT), the Cisco Investments team will be hosting an engaging and live virtual summit, Magnetic Cloud. The summit will bring together Cisco executives and groundbreaking startup founders who will share their unique insights about market trends, talk to the breadth of the opportunities out there, and give advice for scaling companies in the Cloud market.

Cloud Industry Leaders

The event will begin with a fireside chat featuring Cisco’s Cloud and Compute BU leader, Kaustubh Das (KD), and Cisco’s Cloud Infrastructure and Software Group sales leader, Jeremy Foster. These leaders will discuss Cisco’s strategy in hybrid cloud and draw on their deep experience in partnering with startups to share some lessons learned on how to achieve shared success with Cisco.

The Innovator’s Perspective

Providing a perspective on the cloud-native space will be the CEOs from three startups – Dan Wendlandt from Isovalent, Mark Hinkle from TriggerMesh, and Austen Collins from Serverless. Each of these CEOs leads companies that are developing game-changing cloud-native technology. Isovalent brings unprecedented performance and visibility to container networking and security. TriggerMesh leads the way in cloud-native approaches to application integrations and events. Serverless is establishing itself as the leading serverless framework used by DevOps teams to easily adopt serverless computing.

To round out the discussions, Amit Chaturvedi from Cisco Investments will interview Mohit Aron, the CEO of Cohesity. Mohit is a two-time unicorn founder, and we’ll talk to him about why he started Cohesity, but also ask him to share some of the lessons and insights “from the trenches” that he gained on his journey as a founder.

Don’t miss this must-attend event!

Join us for MagnETIC CLOUD
September 15th, 2021
10 – 11:45 am PT

Source: Credit@ Daniel Karp


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