The Next Wave of Hybrid Learning


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The desire to learn is innate to us, and access to classrooms is the bridge that connects learners with educators. The pandemic has forced an experiment that moved education to digital classrooms, and online learning proved to be the catalyst for creating novel learning models for imparting knowledge and developing new skills. With this evolution of virtual learning, the construct of distance is dissolving, and hybrid experiences have become ubiquitous, necessary, and many times proved to be more effective than in-person learning.

As schools prepare for the possibility of returning to classrooms, technology can help redefine access to education to fit individual needs and preserve certain elements of hybrid learning to reduce classroom overcrowding, facilitate distance learning, and sustain learning outcomes in an interactive learning environment. This said, the move to digital platforms has exposed a new set of challenges such as disconnected engagement between students and teachers and learning loss. It poses hurdles to schedule classes, get one-on-one time with teachers, and maintain a consistent learning experience without creating overheads for instructors. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure everyone connecting with learning institutions is secure.

Reimagining education

Cisco is making education more accessible and inclusive for students and educators. We are learning and innovating to provide solutions and capabilities for schools and universities to transform their learning facilities to support hybrid learning.

In an effort to support this next wave of hybrid learning, check out Webex Classrooms, a secure platform and purpose built to provide an easy-to-use interactive tool that allows educators and students to access classes from anywhere and on any device and engage naturally before, during, or after class.

About Webex Classrooms

Webex Classrooms is a web based interactive learning platform that empowers educators and students to manage their learning journey. It introduces a dedicated place where one can attend classes, view previously recorded lectures and access course material, bringing in more flexibility and mobility to enrich the experience.

The platform is geared towards assisting teachers to teach from home as they would from physical classrooms. Educators can manage classrooms, schedule courses, and host and monitor classes, as they invite students to a safe and secure environment. As for students, they join classes with easy-to-find links, view recordings, and can schedule video meetings with instructors and classmates. Moreover, students have a personalized calendar of upcoming classes, can meet one-on-one with the entire class or in small breakout rooms, and stay organized from within Webex Classrooms.

A sneak peek into Webex Classrooms

Integrated with your Learning Management System (LMS)

For schools or universities already using a LMS, Webex can work great within it too. Webex Education Connector can connect with Schoology, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai, and D2L to greatly simplify the classroom experience by making sure everything teachers and students need lives inside the LMS.

The future of hybrid learning

As Cisco considers the future of education, merging the physical and virtual worlds to create true hybrid experiences is the path forward. Along with Webex Classrooms and Webex Education Connector, Webex Devices can create classrooms where all students, remote or in person, can have equitable education. High-quality video devices like Webex Board capture the essence of collaboration for both in-person and virtual participants alike through virtual whiteboarding. Webex Room Kit Pros take in physical spaces with cameras that follow instructors as they naturally move around their classrooms to provide an immersive experience for everyone. This unlocks new classroom delivery experiences such as inviting specialized educators, enabling virtual field trips, connecting global students and more.

Collaboration for Innovation

The world of education has found a new normal in secure hybrid and distance learning experiences, and Cisco collaboration technologies make education accessible to support and train the next generation of innovators.

Learn how Cisco For Education is building bridges between

students and teachers with new learning experiences.

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