VeeMost as a digital workspace solution provider has the technological know-how, strategic partnerships, and the experienced professionals to guide you to meet the expectations of your teams wherever & whenever they work

Although the way we work and live has changed irrevocably, one thing remains constant- the people. The highest consumers of any service and the service providers are still people. In other words, people are still the most important resources of the organization. They occupy both ends of the spectrum: service provision and service consumption.

The workforce of today is at home with instant services, ranging from shopping online, banking and even file sharing, all at the click of a button. Consequently, IT teams need to bring that same seamless experience to the workspace and end users, regardless of  the Where, the When and the What.


Veemost as a digital workspace solution provider has the technological know-how, strategic partnerships, and the experienced professionals to guide you to meet the expectations of your teams wherever & whenever they work.


Collaboration is the new kid on the block, the cool kid everyone needs. Today’s work teams are diverse in their locations and responsibilities, but they still need to work faster, more efficiently and effectively just as before. We deliver a one stop bespoke collaboration experience that connects teams over video, voice, chat, shared documents, emails and more to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Collaboration solutions aren’t limited to internal communication. Are you providing the consistent front-line experience that your customers expect? Your contact center is perhaps your brand-defining touchpoint. Make it a competitive differentiator with artificial intelligence and digital channels to give your customers the value they deserve. VeeMost’s  dedicated team of contact center experts help you assess your current state and build a scalable solution based on the right cloud-based technology for your customers’ needs.

Evolving the Digital Workspace

Todays employees are no longer tied to a Pc at their desks. They usually have more than one device to work with, which in turn multiplies the headache of the IT team in trying to keep track of all these devices and at the same time secure them. Employees need one login, one experience, on any device. This means a fundamental shift from on-premise to the cloud so you can holistically deliver any service to your users at any time.

We have right relationships with top vendors in the digital workspace and modern device management arena, and can deliver across the board, from requirements gathering and technology alignment, to design and implementation, through to ongoing managed support.

Securing the Workforce

The explosion of new devices connected to your network has exponentially increased the risk of sensitive data leaving the company. Identity is the new firewall, making SASE architecture and secure VDI a must for the modern workforce.

Security is inherent in everything we do, the wrapper around all of our solutions. Gain peace of mind knowing that a Veemost partnership means securing everything, everywhere. Our cybersecurity and managed security services help you accelerate critical priorities for your workforce, without the need to compromise. We then protect your people and data with our dedicated around-the-clock security operations center.

Workforce Process Automations

With our process automation we free up employees from identified repetitive tasks that not only lower employee productivity but increase the overhead of the organization. The result, we cut costs and increase productivity.

We are breaking new ground with business process automation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, unchaining the workforce from manual tasks that can and should be automated. Our approach empowers tech-savvy business users to build low-code or no-code workflow automation capabilities directly within applications, removing any IT bottleneck.

Automate internal and external virtual support services, critical business analytics, process flows and more to reduce costs, remove human error and give back time to your employees to focus on strategic work.


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