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IoT sensors, cameras, and other smart devices are fueling opportunities to extend digitization into entirely new parts of a business. These investments can support business process transformation, enhanced operational efficiency and better, more personalized experiences for customers and employees.

But implementing IoT solutions can be daunting even to veterans of network management. That’s because most IoT sensors and devices are deployed in “uncarpeted” areas that aren’t typically connected to the enterprise network. Those areas can range from company parking lots to warehouses, distribution centers, seaports, and airports. And they bring a unique set of challenges:

  • How can IT ensure that Ethernet switches and access points can stand up to harsh conditions like extreme temperatures or exposure to shock and vibrations?
  • As IoT devices dramatically expand the attack surface, what does it take to keep the network secure?
  • What’s the best way to position IT to manage IoT solutions as the number of devices grows exponentially in the months and years to come?


With the recent launch of the Extended Enterprise Cisco Validated Design (CVD) at Cisco Live, IT teams now have a proven playbook for the design, implementation and management of five Extended Enterprise use cases – Parking Lots, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Ports and Airports.

The Extended Enterprise CVD includes in-depth design and implementation guides for Cisco’s IoT Networking Portfolio – empowering IT teams to reduce risk and accelerate the speed of implementation. Although the Extended Enterprise CVD provides step-by-step guidance on taking the enterprise network to the IoT Edge, its value goes far beyond how-to instructions. Cisco engineers have tested and validated what works, proving that systems will scale and perform as intended.

As companies work to take the enterprise network to the IoT Edge, the Extended Enterprise CVD empowers IT teams with three key advantages:

  1. Simplicity. Manage and monitor the enterprise network – from the office to the parking lot and beyond – through Cisco DNA Center. This “single pane of glass” provides full visibility and control. It also supports automation and analytics that simplify routine maintenance, as well as troubleshooting and guided remediation.
  2. Security. Cisco’s Intent-based networking doesn’t just streamline security policy creation and application in traditional “carpeted” areas; it also automates network security in parking lots, warehouses and other rugged environments. It makes it fast and easy to ensure that IoT devices don’t become weak links in an organization’s security posture.
  3. Scalability. There’s no end in sight when it comes to the growth and expansion of IoT devices. Businesses need a sustainable and scalable approach to deploying devices beyond an initial set of sensors or cameras. As device quantities grow to the thousands or tens of thousands, an implementation must be simple enough to be completed quickly and reliably by virtually any technician.

As IT is called upon to take the enterprise network to the IoT Edge, call on Cisco – and count on the Extended Enterprise CVD. For more information, visit www.cisco.com/go/iotcvd and https://blogs.cisco.com/internet-of-things/cisco-live-us-san-diego-lets-transform-the-iot-edge.

Please read how Cisco IT has implemented extended enterprise parking lot by leveraging the Extended Enterprise CVD: https://blogs.cisco.com/ciscoit/iot-now-on-the-campus-fabric.

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