Cisco Catalyst 9200CX Series switches now in Compact size

Cisco Catalyst 9200CX Series switches

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Hybrid work has become prevalent everywhere and it is here to stay. It is important for your network to be able to handle business demands more efficiently and remotely. This is especially emphasized in extended small enterprise and campus locations. Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series switches offer trusted network capabilities, with more flexibility, energy efficiency, and ease.

Hybrid work extended

Just 2 or 3 years ago, you probably didn’t even know what it was like to do hybrid work outside of the office. Now, you cannot imagine doing your job without it. You can be working in the office, or hybrid working in a café, with a nice breeze, reviewing security anomalies.

Hybrid work is a reality and connectivity needs are changing every day. In some cases, deployments are temporary installations or have smaller more efficient requirements. You need a versatile network that is predictable and not just in the small branch offices but also extended onto your campus and temporary settings. You need this network to make your hybrid work, work. All of these needs are addressed by the trusted and powerful backend infrastructure the Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches can deliver.

Connect with flexibility

Cisco has been focused on delivering products to support hybrid work. Cisco offers more flexibility in network deployments with more power density per size at a lower cost, efficient power options, and secure Zero Trust networks to simplify IT jobs.

Imagine a switch that offers PoE (Power over Ethernet) so you can connect more power-hungry devices like laptops, monitors, lighting, HVAC, and refrigerators into a previously siloed network, therefore enabling more flexibility for secure hybrid networks. All this can be supported with the Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series switches. It allows you to work more flexibly, more confidently, remotely, and in small business branches and campuses, extending your hybrid work environments.

Efficient Smart Buildings

Energy efficiency impacts the bottom line and is environmentally friendly – so it is a win-win in your operations. PoE ports bring switches closer to the endpoints while facilitating efficient power usage and consolidated networks. This is especially practical in smart buildings to provide sustainable and healthier spaces to meet the demands of hybrid work.

The Catalyst 9200 Series switches, with Class 6 Power PoE devices, can offer efficiencies, from less power consumption to reducing power losses on some models.

Lower energy bills AND help the planet without compromising your connectivity. Yes, please!

Connect with ease to ‘set it and forget it’

IT teams love the Catalyst 9200 switches because of features like Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and flexible power options. ZTP is a ‘must have’ feature for small branches where IT teams can automatically set up devices using a switch feature – and eliminate most of the manual labor and travel expenses associated with branch upkeep.

Executive-level C-Suite decision makers love Catalyst 9200 Series switches because they are predictable and can help to reduce costs so lean IT teams can ‘set it and forget it’ when doing out-of-the-box installations at small branches and other sites.

What else is new?

The Cisco Catalyst 9200CX compact models extend their Layer 3 network access with all the features of the Catalyst 9200 Series switches, plus even more flexibility with its smaller size, and more energy-efficient fanless operation. The smaller footprint and quieter fanless design mean the switch can go in more places where other switches cannot, such as under desks, in closets, on the wall, and at the checkout counter for retail point of sale (POS) installations.

More use-cases include locations that are easy to set up and easy to dismantle, such as ATM rentals, small office home offices (SOHO), extended hospitals, mobile clinics, classrooms, cruise ships, sports games, festivals, events, and pop-up kiosks.

One quick look and you will notice something different about the Catalyst 9200CX models. The enclosure is designed to reduce the costs of cooling and be more environmentally friendly.

Additional Key Benefits of Catalyst 9200CX 

  • Naturally cooled fanless operation
  • Multiple port choices with incredible speeds, some uplinks increase from 1G to 10G
  • AC/DC power convergence with increased power efficiencies and reduced conversion losses
  • Zero Trust security with policy-based segmentation, for less downtime
  • Built-in micro-SSD (Solid State Drive) card slot for the “offline” setup


Regardless of where you do hybrid work, Cisco Catalyst 9200, and Catalyst 9200CX compact switches can up your game. Flexible, efficient, and easy-to-install switches can help your network connect more.

The Catalyst 9200CX compact models can be more versatile and go to more places. Power many endpoints as efficiently as possible – all while keeping your business running and extending your own hybrid working environment.


Learn more about Cisco Catalyst 9200 and Catalyst 9200CX Series switches


Source: Credit@ Pallavi Srinivasa


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