New SD-WAN Sandboxes and Postman Collections…Try Them Now

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Cisco is constantly enhancing its SD-WAN solution. With every release, we (DevNet) try and keep the learning and implementation content in line with the latest enhancements. The most recent SD-WAN update is the new API for Cross-Site Request Forgery Prevention. This feature adds protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) that could occur when using Cisco SD-WAN REST APIs. This protection is provided by including a CSRF token with API requests.

More than ever, developers need to deliver business results to customers in a faster more agile way. This often requires custom software development, in addition to industry-leading technology. So, to guide our customers, partners, and community we have a slew of updated content just for you.

How to use Cisco SD-WAN vManage APIs

Yes! We have launched two new SD-WAN sandboxes that were featured in our webinar, Take a Deep Dive into the New SD-WAN DevNet Sandbox. If you missed it, catch up here. In the webinar, Sai Marapareddy gives you the low down on how to use Cisco SD-WAN vManage APIs to:

  • Automatically monitor and improve application traffic
  • Use vManage Aggregation APIs to generate reports on statistics related to loss/latency/jitter of SD-WAN overlay tunnels to trigger policy updates to change the preferred transport for certain application traffic.

You can get the code over on Cisco DevNet Code Exchange this code is also a use case in Cisco Automation Exchange.



Postman SD-WAN Collections

Cisco DevNet has close ties and a great relationship with our friends over at Postman. Check out the Postman use case How Cisco DevNet Runs Interactive Developer Education on Postman. As we launch the new Cisco SD-WAN sandbox’s it is always great to give our community something they can start right away. So we built two new postman collections just for you!

You can find both of these public reports on Postman for AlwaysOn Cisco SD-WAN Sandbox and Postman for Reservable Cisco SD-WAN Sandbox. Both contain the Postman environments and collection that can be used to interact with the Cisco SD-WAN vManage REST API. The environments are pre-configured to access the Cisco DevNet Always On Sandbox for SD-WAN 19.2 fabric or the Cisco DevNet Reservable Sandbox for SD-WAN.



You can edit the variables in the environment to point to your own vManage instance, should you wish. The collection contains REST API calls to authenticate, get a list of devices that are part of the SD-WAN fabric, and get device status and counters. You also get interface statistics for all the interfaces in the fabric, and much more! Feel free to modify them as you see fit and to add more calls to the collection.

You can also find both Cisco SD-WAN Postman collections and many other Cisco Postman collections on our own Cisco DevNet Postman collection.

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