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Cisco Contact Centers

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Cisco Contact Centers

Cloud-based contact centers help IT leaders improve agility, support digital transformation, and provide access to emerging technologies like AI and cloud data analytics. Our approach to cloud migration makes it easy for Cisco on-premises contact centers to move toward cloud innovation.

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Data Center

Spinning up an NVMe over Fibre Channel Strategy

Today, we’re going to talk about NVMe array support over FC using Cisco MDS 9000 series switches, and get to the bottom of why NVMe is so important, why there is so much excitement around NVMe, and why everyone is (storage vendors and customers) eager to implement NVMe.

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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Driving Efficiency and Productivity with Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Cisco Defense Orchestrator is a cloud-based management solution that allows you to manage security policies and device configuration with ease across multiple Cisco security platforms. Setup is fast and frictionless, with customers able to onboard hundreds of devices within hours. The simple, intuitive interface helps you see value immediately, rather than spending hours or days studying training materials.

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