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Everyone knows what a phone line is. Companies use POTS lines and PRI lines that connect to their PBX in order to make outbound calls. Most companies need to dial 9 or some other programmed number in order to make outbound calls using their Phone Company provided lines (Pots, PRI, etc). A SIP trunk on the other hand uses the internet to connect to your ITSP in order to make outbound calls. It is true voice-over-IP for outbound calls.

In technical terms, SIP (session initiation protocol) is the protocol that enables the PBX to utilize the internet to carry voice traffic. A trunk is a line that can carry multiple signals at once. Therefore a SIP trunk is a way to carry multiple phone signals/calls at once using the internet.

The same things you use your phone lines for. If you are a company that has a PRI line, the PRI line allows you to make multiple phone calls at once. A SIP trunk allows you to do the same thing. In general  it allows the following minimum features:

  • Initiate and receive local calls
  • Initiate and receive long-distance calls
  • Make emergency calls (911)
  • Access directory assistance
  • Use fixed and mobile telephone sets
  • Employ e-mail and texting
  • Browse the World Wide Web.
  • Instant messages, multimedia conferences, user presence information
  • other SIP-based, real-time communications services.

A SIP trunk is quicker and easier to set up unlike its traditional counterparts. A PRI line can sometimes take up to weeks to provision while you can provision a SIP trunk within a few days.

Also to add additional channels on a PRI line for example is very stressful and time consuming, while SIP trunks have the flexibility to increase the number of concurrent calls a company can make at any time.

SIP Trunks are usually cheaper than its counterparts.

First, you need to ensure that your internet connection has enough bandwidth to support the number of calls you will be making. Once you are sure that bandwidth is not an issue, then you contact us to set you up on our SIP Trunk service. We’ll give you the details of the configuration to input into your phone system so that instead of routing outbound calls to your PSTN gateway, you route it to the newly provided SIP trunk.  Once service is operational you can cancel your PRI, BRI, POTS subscriptions.

With SIP trunk, no longer do you have to worry about redundancy to both your data and voice network. Now you can reduce the cost and complexity of your network by only establishing redundancy to your data network. Because SIP goes over the internet you only need to ensure that you have enough redundancy to meet your needs.

The cost of redundancy is not as steep as most people think. Contact us at VeeMost to review your current network so that we can provide you with an affordable, cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Please note that with our enhanced SIP trunk services, if your systems or connectivity goes down, our system will detect the outage and can redirect all calls to another number, a central voice mail or to whatever and however you have requested your services to be configured. With us, you will never lose important phone calls.

Yes. We are a full-fledged IT Consulting services, therefore not only can we provide you with configuration services for your voice network, we can also provide you with assistance on your data and application network and  technologies. Our rates, integrity and customer service is what will win you over and keep you as our customer.

Since SIP is based on the internet, we  can cover the entire continental USA. Our only requirement is that you have an internet connection.

Yes. Our backbone runs on Tier 1 carriers and as such can support as many client as they can.

With our SIP trunk services, the quality of service is as good as the PSTN, provided you have enough bandwidth. However, we always recommend configuring QOS (quality of service) on your edge devices to ensure that voice calls take priority over other types of traffic. For example, without proper QOS,  someone downloading a movie file from the internet can cause voice quality issues for all users.

We offers QOS configurations services for customers without the in-house expertise to configure a proper quality of service on their network.

VeeMost is a Cisco Advanced Data Center Architecture Partner, with multiple CCIE(one of the industry’s most coveted certifications) and other highly trained engineers who have extensive experience in the data center, VoIP and technology world in general. We have both enterprise customers and small business customers. Some of the customers we support or have supported include AT&T, the City of Phoenix Aviation, United States Federal Courts, United States Treasury, Crum & Forster, Cleveland Public Powers, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, WhiteHat Management, A&T University in North Carolina, Bekaert Corporation and many other enterprise organizations. Our specialty is in high-end technologies.

Yes. VeeMost has extensive experience building out data centers, which mostly require both a load-balancing and redundant considerations. Our approach begins with the applications and works its way down to the bottom layers. We first understand the business goals of the organization and then plan, design and implement a solution that meets and exceeds those goals.

Yes. We can help with designing your server environment to integrate well with your network in order to ensure that it is responsive enough, secure and salable enough to handle both current and future needs of your organizations. Anybody can install a server, but not everyone has to skills and experience necessary to properly integrate it into your network and design it to prevent issues.

Yes, we provide technology across all verticals. We do have clients from the 5 user offices to the 60,000 user enterprise.


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