Hosted Voip and Business Telephone System

Is hosted VoIP the way to go? Of course. Everything is going to the cloud, so why not your phone system?

Is hosted VoIP the way to go? Of course. Everything is going to the cloud, so why not your phone system? Moving your phone system to VeeMost’s 247 VoIP services guarantees that you will always be up, especially in times of disaster.

Imagine the following:

Next, imagine setting up a new user in under 5 minutes with an extension, voicemail, advanced features and a phone they can take and use anywhere in the world. Well, that is just some of what you get with VeeMost’s 247 VoIP services. We also provide a professional and award-winning 24 x 7 x 365 technical support.

Hosted VoIP
PBX Phone Solutions

Some Hosted VoIP Applications & Features Offered:

On-Premise PBX Phone Solutions

Many companies are not comfortable with the cloud for various reasons particular to their industry. These companies prefer to host their own technology. For these customers, VeeMost can help with recommending, designing and implementing the right phone system for your organization.

Special Deal for Small Businesses:

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