Disaster Recovery Services

We offers various Disaster Recovery (DR) services to businesses of any size.

VeeMost offers various Disaster Recovery (DR) services to businesses of any size. From the creation of a disaster recovery policy to the implementation of a DR plan, we have DR experts who can work with you to ensure that an unforeseen disaster does not become catastrophic for your business, your profitability or your ability to serve your clients.

A disaster recovery plan is usually part of a comprehensive business continuity plan.

Stop and ask yourself these questions:

These are some of the questions that a company needs to ask to determine its readiness for a disaster. At VeeMost, we have business experts who can assist your business executives in coming up with a business continuity plan. We also have a strong team of technical experts that will help plan and implement the technology aspect of the DR plan.

Recommended Disaster Recovery Strategies

At VeeMost we specialize in using various disaster recovery strategies to ensure that your business is functional in the event of a disaster, regardless of how minimal or severe the impact is.

File Disaster Recovery

Application Disaster Recovery

Physical Site Disaster Recovery

Server OS Disaster Recovery

Physical Server Disaster Recovery

Let us help you come up with the best disaster recovery solution for your environment


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