Cisco Unified Computing System

The Cisco Unified Computing System TM (Cisco UCS®) is a revolutionary new computing architecture designed for IT innovation and business acceleration.

Cisco UCS: Redefine Center

The Cisco Unified Computing System TM (Cisco UCS®) is a revolutionary new computing architecture designed for IT innovation and business acceleration. The Cisco UCS enables Fast IT by combining computing, networking, and storage infrastructure with management and virtualization to offer exceptional speed, simplicity, and scalability. Cisco’s unique architecture provides pools of policy-based composable infrastructure that customers can optimize for traditional workloads, data analytics, and cloud-native applications, all within a common operating environment with open APIs for broad interoperability and automation. Cisco UCS has redefined computing to enhance application performance and scalability, simplify infrastructure management, reduce cost, and accelerate IT delivery to the business.


Cisco Unified Computing System

Challenges of Increasing Demand and Complexity

Complex data center infrastructure hampers performance, increases operating costs and risk, and saps resources for innovation. Cisco has addressed these challenges with a radically simplified, fabric-centric architecture packed with innovation designed to support the widest range of workloads and IT operating models: Cisco UCS.

Cisco’s innovative fabric-centric solution provides industry-leading application performance, lower-cost computing, and opportunity for real IT innovation.

Cisco UCS helps organizations:

Innovations That Support Business Benefits

Cisco UCS is a radically simplified architecture that supports a wide range of workloads and IT operating models. Whether your data center consists of 20 servers or 1000, all resources are interconnected and centrally managed.

System features include:

Single unified system

Our approach is the first true unification of servers, networking, flash memory systems, and storage access. All the connections are already made for you by a high-performance computing fabric and centralized management.

Intelligent infrastructure

Hardware is automatically configured by application centric policies, ushering in a new era of speed, consistency, and simplicity for data center operations. Cisco UCS brings the flexibility of virtualized systems to the physical world in a way that no other server architecture can.

Integrated management

Cisco UCS has an automation-friendly design that lets an entire ecosystem of high-level tools configure and manage servers through the industry’s only open, complete, and fully documented API.


Cisco UCS supports 15,000 applications through certifications and integration with partners such as Citrix, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, SAP, Splunk, and VMware.

Integrated infrastructure

Cisco has partnered with major storage leaders (EMC, NetApp, IBM, Nimble Storage, and Hitachi Data Systems [HDS]) to integrate their systems with the Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus® platforms to deliver validated infrastructure for any application, reducing time and risk for your deployments.

IT Agility Delivered

With Cisco UCS, you can:

Why Cisco?

Cisco UCS continues our long history of innovation in architecture, technology, partnerships, and services. We take a systems approach to computing that combines network intelligence and scalability through innovative application-specific integrated circutis (ASICs), integrated management, and standard computing components. Cisco offers a complete set of plan-build-manage IT lifecycle services designed to reduce risk and increase performance to accelerate your migration to unified computing.

For More Information

UCS Customer Case Studies

San Joaquin County Improves Provisioning and Performance Through a Private Cloud Managed by Cisco UCS Director

Cisco UCS delivered top cloud performance while making management easier than ever. Key benefits included:

  • Enabled self-provisioning for virtual servers in one-third the time
  • Reduced provisioning time for physical servers from several days to less than two hours
  • Automated manual tasks for improved management

“With our Cisco infrastructure, we can deliver IT services faster than ever, so users can get their jobs done.”

– David Newaj, Assistant Director, San Joaquin County

For full details, visit San Joaquin County case study.

Hospital Builds a Reliable, Secure EHR Infrastructure with Cisco UCS and Splunk

With Cisco UCS, Union Hospital of Cecil County experienced dramatic results:

  • Freed up time for patient care by keeping EHR access fast
  • Decreased footprint by 75 percent, reducing power and cooling costs
  • Fulfilled server requests in 1 day instead of 1 week

“We can do more with our electronic health records system because we’ve built a solid foundation with Cisco and Splunk” – Anne Lara, CIO, Union Hospital of Cecil County

For full details, visit Union Hospital of Cecil County case study.

IT Infrastructure Provider Supports Customers’ Data Compliance Needs and Increases Their Confidence in Cloud Offerings

Peak 10, a national IT infrastructure provider based in Charlotte, N.C., deployed Cisco UCS and achieved the following outcomes:

  • Managed resources with existing tools, including Windows PowerShell, with dedicated fabric-interconnect domains
  • Reduced server build times by 82% and cabling requirements by up to 90%
  • Saved 200 worker hours per complete site node upgrade
  • Helped enable customers to manage maintenance schedules based on their business

For full details, visit Peak 10 case study.


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