Deploying a Phone System for a Small Business

Deploying a Phone System for a Small Business


After changing leadership, a Northeast Ohio manufacturing firm (name withheld) needed ways to make its staff more efficient in order to handle new surge in demands for their product. Its legacy PBX system made it difficult for staff members to meet the company new goals and objectives that all phone calls, email, and web inquiries from potential customers be answered or addressed within 15 minutes during business hours. The process of staff members having to call into the office to access voicemail or find a computer with internet access in order to access emails or application was causing the firm to lose business opportunities.

Solution: Cisco Call Manager Express:

After consulting with the client and understanding their needs as well as their budget constraints, VeeMost put together a customized solution that was in line with the goals and objectives of the firm.

Cisco’s Call Manager Express platform, provided a solution that allowed a phone extension for everybody in the company to be deployed as easily as setting up a network user. Each sales staff had their personal phone extension that they could manage, which gave them access to several features such as ring tone, call-forwarding and much more. A staff member could configure their extension to ring various other phones simultaneously. Voicemail would be sent in an email to the user in addition to automatically calling the user’s preferred contact method to alert them and allow automatic retrieval of the voice message. This system also made it easy to set up a hunt-group for various departments which allowed multiple extensions to ring simultaneously or sequentially in order to ensure that important calls get answered.


The company achieved its goal of having all inquiries and calls returned in less than 15 minutes. All calls to any staff member extension or to a department group extension would ring several phones in a configured sequence or simultaneously. If the call does go into voicemail, the system sends the voice message as an email attachment for the user to retrieve using their mobile device. For specific staffs, the system would also call their cell phone to alert them of the voice message and in addition giving them the option of hearing the voicemail. The sales staff or any permitted staff could also use their laptops as a phone by using software installed on the system known as a softphone. The softphone, once logged into, takes on the user’s desk extension, allowing the user to receive calls and make calls using their company extension. In addition, calls from staff members in the sales group always show up as originating from one central number, regardless if the staff member is making the call from the office desk phone or from their laptop.

The company turned around its services which directly led to customer satisfaction and increase in revenue.


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