Technology Consulting Services

Technology Consulting also known as innovation counseling, it is the way toward giving proficient innovation guidance to a business or association. It might involve recommending and actualizing certain product or equipment arrangements into the business or association keeping in mind the end goal to streamline certain procedures by expanding productivity and cutting expenses.

Infrastructure Services

  • Network Design & Implementation
  • IT Audit & Assessment
  • Network Stress Testing
  • Quality of Service Planning & Implementation
  • Network Documentation
Technology Consulting Services

Security Services

  • Network Security
  • Systems Security
  • Application Security
  • Physical Security (IP Cameras)
  • Security Audit

Microsoft Services

  • Planning, Designing and Implementation of Microsoft Networks and Systems
  • Sharepoint

Energy Savings Services

  • Reduction of energy usage at the IT Plug load (Layer 1)
  • Energy Management Software and Dashboards


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