New technologies and new ways to apply existing technologies


Our Research and Development department is always looking into technologies that make life easier and safer, or new ways to apply existing technology.

V-shield Cloud Security

Easy, fast, and effective high-availability cloud security

VeeMost’s VeeShield Cloud Security offers an easy, fast, and high-availability cloud-delivered security wherever you need it. VeeShield Cloud Security operates on diverse server farms with Anycast network technology, delivering low latency and high service to organizations and individuals alike. This solution protects users’ internet experience, proactively removing unwanted, illegal, and dangerous contents. Multiple security features are combined into one easily accessible solution, extending protection to all devices, onsite and remote users.

Expected Date: Q4: 2021  LAUNCHING SOON!


Expected Date: Q2: 2022

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Smart Wearables - COMING SOON

Imagine being able to monitor your children’s/spouse’s/parent or patient’s vital signs when you are away from them. Knowing your loved is safe is not too much to ask.

We are pioneering in our Development Hub in Africa research to make this a reality. Knowing your baby that is sleeping in her crib is fine, or that your son on excursion at a faraway resort is safe, or your brother that is a soldier in these uncertain times has no complaint. This is the reassurance that our smart wearables will deliver.

Expected Date: Q3: 2022

Military-grade RFID - coming soon

Applying this technology that is currently being tweaked by Veemost, provides the elegant solution to these problems because it is inexpensive and efficient to deploy and manage.

Expected Date: Q4: 2022


Advance Vital Signs Microchips (AVISiM) - COMING SOON

Monitoring the vital signs of soldiers in the field is a feat; and this feat for so long has required expensive, bulky equipment. Veemost technologies intends to achieve this feat soon thanks to an armor plate carrier with an embedded microchip being researched for the market.

The goal is to achieve a revolutionary self-powered microchip roughly the size of a postage stamp. To overcome the challenges of power, the microchip will be able to draw power from the radio-frequency energy in proximity, bioelectricity, heat etc.

This microchip while embedded in our recent developments in armor plate carriers will monitor soldiers vital signs in the field among other applications.


Smart Homes

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